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About Climate Change and the Wellington Forum

This website provides a place where those who have a positive contribution to make to Wellington's 'Climate Change' can have a voice.

We define Climate Change as a Community of Interest in the Wellington Forum this way:

Articulate and enable a low-carbon, hugely bio-diverse and sustainable environment.  One where waste is minimised, conservation is central to our thinking and where fossil fuels become a thing of the past. 

Climate Change and the Wellington Forum

Since 2011 the Wellington Forum (previously Rotary Forum) has provided an annual focal-point for people to come together to hear a diverse range of inspiring speakers and an exciting opportunity for Wellingtonians to influence discussion on a range of topics.

A new feature of the Wellington Forum is ‘Communities of Interest’ where forum participants identify with particular areas of interest that they wish to influence. In addition, forum websites in topic areas, are allowing participants to contribute their views online. This 'Community of Interest' website is one example.

More on the Wellington Forum

Wellington is a vibrant city and we are proud to live in here. The Wellington Forum is a tangible reflection of this.

From the very beginning, the topics have been highly relevant to Wellingtonians, but it has evolved in recent years to showcase topics about Wellington’s future – questions about what tomorrow should bring and ideas that inspire action.

Audiences are a cross-section of Wellington society; multi-generational, from all walks of life and inclusive of young people, Māori, Pasifika, Pākehā and new immigrants. The common denominator is a passion for discovery and a commitment to tangible change.




Do you have a compelling personal story or view you'd like published on the topic of Climate Change, or other topics encompassed in the Wellington Forum? Have your say here or check out other topic areas here.

Big ideas are cool again. The best place to find them is at Wellington: Creating Tomorrow, a forum inspired by Rotary.


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